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An Overseas Filipino Member of staff is a Filipino who is employed in work beyond the Philippines. They are really Filipinos working abroad which can be expected to come back permanently either upon the expiration of any work contract or after retirement. The term OFWs was officially adopted under the Leader Fidel Sixth is v. Ramos Supervision to give identification to a lot of Filipinos whom sacrifice simply by working in different countries. An ex economics professor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the 10th President with the Philippines, utilized the term Offshore Filipino Trader or OFI for Filipino expatriates whom contribute to the economic system through remittances, buying homes and creating businesses. Due to this migration, many countries have substantive Filipino communities. The impact of migration varies – ranging from economic rewards not only intended for the family members but the region in general through its remittances to the security and health of the family of migrants. Yet a major concern here is the social costs of migration, particularly, to the children left behind. Many say that operating abroad offers them better job opportunities which helps them provide the needs of their family who've been left for years or even years. OFWs usually come home during the Christmas vacation or since permitted in their contract in order to spend this kind of special holiday with their family, since Filipinos are considered to be a family-centered society.

Overseas Philippine Workers or OFWs will be Filipinos whom are employed in foreign countries. They travel and leisure abroad to get better chances in order to provide for the requirements of their family members in the Korea. They are also known as " Offshore Contract Workers" (OCWs), simply because they work in another country through a agreement of several years with their company. Their travel around is a kind of adventure (pakikipagasapalaran) with many potential dangers, such as excessive stress, isolation and fermage. They sacrifice to make a...

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