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For additional uses, see Bihar (disambiguation).


— State —


Area of Bihar in India

Coordinates (Patna): 25°22′N 85°08′E / 25. 37°N eighty-five. 13°E / 25. thirty seven; 85. 13Coordinates: 25°22′N 85°08′E / 25. 37°N 85. 13°E as well as 25. thirty seven; 85. 13| Country| India

Regions| Angika, Bhojpur, Magadh, Mithila

Divisions| Patna, Tirhut, Saran, Darbhanga, Kosi, Purnia, Bhagalpur, Munger, Magadh| Established| 1912 (as Bihar)

Capital| Patna

Most significant city| Patna

Districts| 38 total


• Body| Government of India, Authorities of Bihar

• Governor| Devanand Konwar

• Chief Minister| Nitish Kumar (JDU)

• Legislature| Bicameral (243 + seventy five seats)

• Parliamentary constituency| 40

• High Court| Patna Substantial Court


• Total| 94, 163 km2 (36, 357 sq mi)

Place rank| 12th

Population (2011)[1]

• Total| 103, 804, 637

• Rank| 3rd

• Density| 1, 100/km2 (2, 900/sq mi)

Time zone| IST (UTC+05: 30)


ISO 3166 code| IN-BR

Vehicle registration| BR

HDI| 0. forty one[2](low)

HDI rank| 21st (2011)

Literacy| 63. 82% (28th)

73. 4% (male)

53. 3% (female)

Official language(s)| Hindi, Urdu, Angika, Maithili,[3]

Website| gov. bih. nic. in

Bihar (/bЙЁЛ€hЙ‘r/, evident [bЙЄЛ€Й¦aЛђr] ( listen)) is a state in northern India.[4][5] It's the 12th major state regarding geographical size at 32, 202 sq mi (98, 940 km2) and 3 rd largest by population. Practically 58% of Biharis are below the regarding 25,[6] which can be the highest portion in India. West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh form the east and west limitations, respectively, with the state and, it is bounded by Nepal to the north and by Jharkhand to the south. The Bihar plain is divided into two parts by the water Ganges which in turn flows through the middle from west to east.[7] Bihar has notified forest area of 6, 764. 14 km2,[8] which is 7. 2% of its physical area. Hindi and Urdu are the standard languages from the state, as the majority of the folks speak Angika, Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Maithili and Bajjika. In 2000, Bihar was subdivided, the the southern part of part turning out to be the state of Jharkhand. Ancient Bihar (which consisted of Anga, Videha/Mithila, Magadha and Vajji/Vrijji) was a centre of power, learning( it produced its name via Vihar, that means centre of learning) and culture in ancient and classical India.[9] From Magadha arose India's first and greatest empire, the Maurya empire as well as one of the planet's most widely adhered-to religions, Buddhism.[10] Magadha empires, notably underneath the Maurya and Gupta lignage, unified large parts of Southern region Asia within central secret.[11] Its capital Patna, in the past Pataliputra, was an important center of Of india civilisation. Nalanda and Vikramshila were centres of learning established in the 5th and 8th hundred years respectively in Bihar, and are counted between the oldest and truly international universities, exactly where people around the globe came to analyze. Bihar features distinction of giving the world its initially democracy through Lichchivi (modern days Vaishali) during ancient era. For many years, Bihar lagged behind various other Indian declares in sociable and monetary development terms.[12][13][14] Economists and social experts claimed that the is a immediate result of the skewed guidelines of the central government, including the freight equalisation policy,[15][16] its apathy towards Bihar,[6][17][18] lack of Bihari sub-nationalism (resulting in not any spokesperson for the state),[16][19][20] and the Long term Settlement of 1793 by the British East India Business.[16] The state federal government has on the other hand made significant strides in improving governance.[21] The better governance has led to an...

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