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Strategic Supervision Evolution, 85 – 2002: Controversies over Accounting Profitability Modern concept of Strategic Managing started in the 50's by Harvard Business School(Ghemawat, 2002; Hoskisson, Hitt, Wan, & Yiu, 1999). Even the initially authors stated its standard ideas since the 30's (Barnard, 1938), the formalization on this new willpower is thanks to the work of Chandler (1962), Ansoff (1965) and Andrews (1971). After that, researchers acquired studied businesses in order to understand their strategic behavior and one issue has been especially controversial: What drives firm profitability? This essay examines the advancement of the classic functions developed by Schumalensee (1985), Rumelt (1991) and McGahan & Porter (1997, 2002). Employing an historical perspective, the evolution in the strategic supervision research shows a permanent progression toward advanced methods can easily better clarify and foresee the complexness of organization dynamics. Tactical Management Studies have been identified as a Pendulum that got swing by a firm toward an industry point of view (Hoskisson et al., 1999). From Administration and Economics, considered paperwork present the evolution of successive empirical researches that try to display what really matters regarding firm success. The initially considered research was done by the economist from MIT Richard Schamlensee (1985). The writer states that its goal was to estimate the family member importance of profitability factors suggested by the literary works. Those factors were company, market and market share, having a clear influence from the Industrial Economics way but which includes also the Revisionist Way (Market Share) and the Reference View Approach (Firm). One important variation is that the creator did not condition conclusions regarding causality, just a descriptive evaluation to understand what explains the variance of the firm income. Despite the results that will be analyzed later, one of the main achievements of the author was...

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