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 Peds Dissertation

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What has already established the greatest effect on reducing baby mortality in america? A) Advancements in perinatal care

Reviews: CORRECT

The improvements in perinatal treatment, in particular respiratory care and care of the mother-baby dyad before delivery, have had the highest impact.

B) Decreased chance of congenital abnormalities

Responses: INCORRECT

There has been a reduction in some congenital anomalies including spina bifida, but this is not the greatest effects.

C) Better maternal nourishment


Better mother's nutrition has already established a positive affect but not the best overall influence.

D) Better funding to get health care

Responses: INCORRECT

Changes in funding never have had the greatest impact.

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The role of the pediatric registered nurse is affected by developments in health care. The greatest tendency in healthcare is: A) Primary focus on treatment of disease or incapacity.


Traditionally this is actually the role of the physician.

B) National health care planning on a distributive or perhaps episodic basis. Feedback: WRONG

This is not an important trend.

C) Accountability to professional codes and international standards. Opinions: INCORRECT

This is certainly an established responsibility, not a trend.

D) Switch of target to avoidance of disease and maintenance of health. Reviews: CORRECT

Prevention is the current focus of medical care, one in which usually nursing takes on a major part.

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Evidence-based practice, a current healthcare trend, is best described as: A) Gathering evidence of mortality and morbidity in children. Responses: INCORRECT

This will likely assist the nurse in determining areas of concern and potential engagement.

B) Getting together with physical and psychosocial demands of the child and friends and family in all aspects of practice. Reviews: INCORRECT

It is far from possible in order to meet all requirements of the as well as child in all of the areas of practice. The doctor is an advocate to get the family.

C) Utilizing a professional code of values as a means pertaining to professional self-regulation. Feedback: INCORRECT

This is area of the professional part and licensure.

D) Asking why something is effective and whether there is a better procedure. Feedback: CORRECT

Evidence-based practice helps to focus on measurable outcomes and the use of demonstrated, powerful interventions and questions if there is a better approach.

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The etiology element of the medical diagnosis identifies:

A) Projected changes in could be health position, clinical conditions, or patterns. Feedback: COMPLETELY WRONG

These are the final results or goals that are established.

B) A person's response to wellness pattern deficits in the child, family, or perhaps community. Responses: INCORRECT

This can be a definition of the condition statement, the first element of the nursing diagnosis.

C) A bunch of cues and/or determining characteristics that are derived from sufferer assessment and indicate real health problems. Reviews: INCORRECT

This can be a third section of the nursing diagnosis, the symptoms.

D) Physiologic, situational, and maturational elements that trigger the problem or perhaps influence their development. Reviews: CORRECT

This can be a definition of etiology, the second element of the nursing jobs diagnosis.

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When the nurse utilizes a standard nursing care prepare as a information in preparing care for a hospitalized kid, what ought to be eliminated? A) Expected outcome/goal

Feedback: WRONG

Expected outcomes/goals would be made specific for the child and family and remain part of the proper care plan.

B) Dependent nursing functions

Responses: INCORRECT

Reliant nursing capabilities made specific to the child and relatives would stay.

C) Problems not essential to the child or relatives


These are basic...

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