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Issue Paper 06.09.2019
 Issue Paper

Stephanie E. Bell

Managed Treatment & Health care insurance

DeVry College or university

Bob Vega, Professor

twenty three February 2013

Symphony of Crestwood is a extended and short-term care facility which residences about two hundred and fifty residents. Those residents whom may require heart care and rehabilitation, breathing care, palliative care, twisted care, Alzheimer's care and dialysis treatment, will find the most up-to-date treatment options available to them. Many of the occupants use the service as a step down choice after departing the hospital but before going home. The Symphony of Crestwood offers a CareBridge plan which offers a seamless and coordinated transfer between residence and skilled nursing to assist facilitate quicker healing and a shorter stay. ( The facility also offers an experienced professional service called respite care, for those who are made for those families that need a break from their daily care giving and one of the latest techniques to be offered are the Stabilize, Handle, Assess, Move (S. To. A. T) which is a program designed to lessen the recurrence of come back hospital readmission rates of the residents. Among the roadblocks or constraints to maintain the proper equilibrium of tending to the resident/patient, ensuring that the families are well informed regarding the care of their loved ones and having a satisfactory staff is having the properly trained workers; from the administrator to the authorized nursing co-workers. Without having them properly qualified with the most recent techniques in treatment and safety, many residents/patients will undoubtedly suffer needlessly and may succumb to not enough treatment and care. One of the things that Symphony of Crestwood is doing regarding this is to ensure that every worker, including the medical doctors is qualified on a regular basis. As a former worker of the facility (which has become bought by another owner) and as students of DeVry University; education must be the solution to avoiding not completing inspections and losing...


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