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At present, Vietnam is usually entering the time of high velocity economic expansion. Clearly, one of many indispensable circumstances for economic development is the need for capital. However , domestic capital origin is insufficient to fulfill the velocity of advancement in this period. Therefore , it is an important job that we need to attract more effective capital coming from external sources. Currently, ODA is very important capital source pertaining to the development of nations. This funding is a vital role inside the growth process and the use of Vietnam economy. The rapid creation in infrastructure and travel, one of the leading priorities to get funded by ODA contributes considerably to the growth of countrywide economy. Nevertheless , ODA is not just a loan. Along with ODA, it is the biding conditions linked to politics and economics, which is a mired debt for generation or perhaps become dependent upon the foreign countries unless we all know how to use and manage properly ODA. However, the management and using ODA in our country nonetheless contain a lots of shortcomings and mistakes creating unfortunate outcomes. For this important role, the research about how to use ODA effectively is extremely crucial. It not only will help students build up and strengthen the knowledge yet also promote the development and improvement with the usage of this kind of capital All things being considered, after 5 weeks interning in the overseas capital department of Vietnam Development Traditional bank, I have made a decision to choose the topic: " ABOUT LENDING ODA UNDER THE ADMINISTRATION OF VIETNAM DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL INSTITUTION FROM 2008 TO 2012” as the subject of my mid-course internship report. This survey is divided into 3 key parts the following: Chapter you: The review of Vietnam Creation Bank (VDB)

Chapter a couple of: The status of on-lending ODA underneath the management of Vietnam Expansion Bank coming from 2008 to 2012. Phase 3: Ideas to improve the management and on lending ODA in Vietnam Development Bank in years to come. The purpose of here is info to analyze and assess the effectiveness of about lending ODA under the administration of Vietnam development bank in recent years. On this basis, a lot of recommendations and suggestions will be mentioned pertaining to remaining complications. This is also a chance to help me grasp the reality and further strengthened the theoretical understanding learned. During the implement of the report, although there have been a whole lot of efforts, I could not really avoid a lot of mistakes pertaining to lack of actual knowledge and experiences. Consequently , I count on receiving sincere comments via Mr. Dinh Hoang Minh and Vietnam Development Bank Finally, I would really prefer to give thanks to Mr. Dinh Hoang Minh and VDB for helping and enabling me to intern generally speaking and foreign payment department in particular intended for providing me personally necessary paperwork and info to total this internships report.

31th July, Hanoi, Vietnam

LГЄ Thб»‹ Thanh Loan


1 . one particular The history of formation and development

1 ) 1 . 1 The formation procedure

Vietnam Creation Bank is regarded as an important application in the implementation of cultural economic development policies of government. It has been produced since 2006 with the Advancement Assistance Finance system as its predecessor. The process of formation of the organization can be summarized the following: On tenth December 1994, the government granted Decree Number 187/CP to determine the General of Investment and Development underneath the Ministry of Finance. This organization stimulated from initial January, 95 to 31th December, 1999 with the try to manage financing for expense and spend the state-budget capital for investment and preferential credit capital with the State intended for the jobs, programs one of several government's annual decisions. The General of Purchase and advancement took impose of managing the Nationwide Investment Assisting Fund which has been established on 12th Sept 1995 to mobilize capital and lend...

References: 1 . Decree No . 187/CP to establish the General of Investment and Development underneath the Ministry of Finance

2 . Decree No . 43/1999/ND-CP on purchase and expansion credit from the State to establish the Development Assistance Fund

3. Decision No . 108/2006/QD-TTg dated May well 19, 2006 of the Perfect Minister upon establishment of Vietnam Creation Bank

4. Annual reports in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 of VDB

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