Life and Moth Don Marquis

 Life and Moth Put on Marquis Composition

Hannah Harrison

In " The Lesson of a Moth” Don Marquis uses symbolism and theme to express what he feels is the lesson to life. The lesson is usually everyone ought to live their lives towards the fullest and with enjoyment. Don Marquis lived a life between many deaths but as well by much delight, which may be the main reason as to why he wrote poems with styles like this.

The use of symbolism in " The Lessons of a Moth” is shown throughout the complete poem. One of many uses of symbolism is the flame the place that the moth is willing to risk its lifestyle on. The flame displays the crazy things that people will do whether or not it will get rid of them ultimately. Although they will be happy when doing it their particular lives will be cut brief. " It is advisable to be happy for any moment and be burned up up with natural beauty than to have a long time and become bored whilst. ” (4. 32). Marquis is employing symbolism to exhibit how convenient it is to miss to live a happy life regardless if it means currently taking chances at times.

An additional example of symbolism that Marquis uses is a moth. The moth signifies people floating around trying to figure out their own meaning of life.

A different element of poetry that Marquis uses is motif. The concept of the the poem is locating the lesson to our lives and living through the little points that we locate exciting. The speaker inside the poem is most likely a cockroach named Archy who was previously introduced in Marquis` various other stories. Archy is speaking with the moth and in total confusion regarding why he'd want to finish his life over just a minute of pleasure. " yet at the same time I wish there was anything I wanted because badly when he wanted to smolder himself” (6. 51). Archy would like to be a little more free enthusiastic as the moth nevertheless does not want to take the risks which can be involved in this. What the moth understands and Archy would not is the lesson of existence that Marquis is trying to get around throughout the composition.

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