Eng3 27.08.2019
 Eng3 Essay

Unit We: The Bildungsroman and the change to modernism

Approximate date ranges: 9/12 – 10/21

Important questions:

➢ What makes up the hero's journey within a bildungsroman? ➢ How does a work communicate the anxieties of its grow older? ➢ Exactly what are basic tenets of Freudian theory?

➢ How does " metafiction” replace the relationship among author and reader?

Concepts, terms, and themes:

Archetypes, light/dark dichotomy, phallic and yonic emblems, the natural world vs . the mechanical world, psychosexuality, the Oedipus Complex, structuralism


Lawrence, Sons and Lovers

Lawrence, " The Snake”

Lawrence, " The Rockinghorse Winner”

Lawrence, " The Sightless Man”

Lawrence, " The Horse Dealer's Daughter”

Lawrence, " Gladiatorial”

Lawrence, " Sex vs . Loveliness”

Maugham, Of Man Bondage

Added resources:

Powerpoint, " Freud and Modern day Thought”

Powerpoint, " Fictional Theory”

Powerpoint, " Structuralism and Semiotics”

Various excellent arts resources

Handout, " An Unfinished List of Archetypes”

Handout, " Structuralism warm-up”


9/12Comparative essay in Sons and Lovers & OHB (100 pts)

_____Short story panel (30 pts)

_____Pirate conventional paper (30 pts)

_____In-class dissertation on " Sex or Loveliness” (50 pts)

Product II: Joining the text: Center of Darkness

Approximate date ranges: 10/24 – 11/28

Important questions:

➢ How can guidelines of impressionism be applied to dialect? ➢ How exactly does a text message " evolve”?

➢ How could we apply Post-Colonialist theories to our examining of a textual content? ➢ How exactly does Orientalism mentally shield all of us from our very own failings and shortcomings?

Ideas, terms, and themes:

Halving, light/dark dichotomy, impressionism, delayed decoding, orientalism, narrative framework, allusion, deconstruction (if time allows)

Text messaging:

Conrad, Center of Darkness

Achebe, " A Perspective of Africa”

Eliot, " The Empty Men”

Coppola, Apocalypse Right now (Movie night time! )

Added resources:

PowerPoint, " Fictional Theory”

PowerPoint, " Impressionism in Heart of Darkness”

Film, Full Leopold's Ghost

Handout, " Impressionism and Narrative Associated with HoD” Study in catalogue [3 days (11/7 – 11/9)]


_____Comprehension test (50 pts)

10/28In-class essay (50 pt)

11/16Critical research study presentations (50 pts)

12/1 Heart of Darkness evaluation essay (100 pts)

Product III: Old English, ancient heroes: Beowulf

Approximate dates: 11/28 – 12/21

Essential questions:

➢ What are the traits of your Epic Leading man?

➢ Just how can mythical monsters reflect incredibly human thoughts? ➢ Wherever do the holy, the secular, and the profane meet from this poem?

Ideas, terms and themes:

Syncretic texts, predator/holdfast/avenger, poetic equipment in Aged English, epic heroic cycle,


Unfamiliar author, Beowulf

Additional assets:

Video address, " Beowulf: the monsters”

Handout, " A early bit of Older English”

Analysis in library [4 days (12/1 – 12/6)]


12/13 – 12/20Beowulf sales pitches (50 pts)

12/12Poetry Out Loud Classroom Tournament (50 pts)

1/1Beowulf blogs (30 pts)

Unit 4: Party like it's 1399: The Canterbury Tales

Approx . dates: 1/3 – 2/29

Essential queries:

➢ How do you live in a time defined simply by death?

➢ What constitutes a good account?

➢ How come storytelling important to humanity?

➢ What does that mean to get virtuous?

➢ How do electric power struggles manifest themselves?

Ideas, terms, and themes:

Shape tale, poetic devices in Middle English language, the Great Vowel Shift, three Estates, allegory, satire, genres


We are reading the next tales:

Basic Prologue

The Knight's Adventure

The Miller's Tale

The Prioress's Story

The Wife of Bath's Tale

Chaucer's retraction

Literary works circle tales:

The Reeve's Tale

The Nun's Priest's Tale

The Pardoner's Adventure

Chaucer the Pilgrim's Tales

Additional methods:

Handout, " Studying elements of The Canterbury Tales”

Handout, " The Knight...

Interview and Senior Capstone Experience Composition


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