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My name is Hasan. I was born on Jun, 1984 in Turki, Turkey. Educational autobiography most of people think that education comes from school, nevertheless school is not the sole place you learn. When you are child you learn from the parents, family members, friends, playmates, and encircling. You don't head to school to learn to walk, crawl, sitting down, stand up, discussing, eat and so forth You learn all of that from your father and mother at home. After i was tiny I didn't go to kindergarten. All things learned from my family before begin to school. I actually started Elementary School first day. I remember I was so fired up. Our instructor She was actually nice and a really smart person. She trained a lot of smart issues. I continue to remember my own teacher Ms. Dilek In Elementary school, there were probably social classes however they aren't since noticeable in that case as they are now to me. I actually made a lot of close friends very fast. After Elementary school We went to same building of school to continue Middle section school. Elementary school made me improved a lot. Once i stared to middle college I sense a little increase up. We changed costume code anything feeling difference, I would claim I'm boys I could carry out many point anymore. I was very hyperactive. I was interested history school more than the others class. I didn't like math. After middle school, I need to go for high school. Which will high school will be make me good career for future period? We made a decision to technical high school graduation with my loved ones. And then My spouse and i started to secondary school. I have been 4 years this high school that they taugh me a lot of technical method. After graduate We took matriculation and then I win the school entrance exam my major is physical drawing. My spouse and i started to technical college. My spouse and i went to 12 months college following then I did not like and I decided to leave.

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