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The syndrome is usually characterised clinically by disturbances of awareness, personality, and intellectual capability as well as elevated neuromuscular activity.

The ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAPHIE mean routine frequency could possibly be slowed, cerebral blood flow decreased and venous blood ammonia concentration increased. The pathogenesis of this affliction remains

speculative. There is standard agreement, however ,

that in the majority of occasions hepatic

encephalopathy is a metabolic/neurophysiological

disorder of the brain which gut made toxins

be involved in its genesis.

Lactitol (BAN, rINN)

E966; ОІ-Galactosido-sorbitol; Lactit; Lactitolum; Lactobiosit; Lactositol; Laktitol; Laktitoli; Laktitolis. 4-O-(ОІ-D-Galactopyranosyl)-

A white-colored or nearly white

crystalline powder. Incredibly soluble in water; slightly soluble in alcoholic beverages; practically insoluble in dichloromethane.

USNF 21 (Lactitol). It may be the anhydrous form, the monohydrate, or the dihydrate. Light or lumination brown, odourless, crystals. Excellent mild, lovely taste, with no aftertaste.


Lactitol is actually a disaccharide analogue of lactulose (below) and has identical actions and uses.

Lactitol monohydrate is used as an oral powdered or option in the supervision of hepatic encephalopathy (p. 1697) in addition to constipation (p. 1693). Lactitol monohydrate 1 ) 05 g is equivalent to

regarding 1 g of anhydrous lactitol.

In the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy, lactitol monohydrate has in usual oral doses of 500 to seven hundred mg/kg daily in several divided dosages at meal times. The dose can be subsequently modified to produce two soft bar stools daily.

In the treatment of congestion, lactitol monohydrate is given within an initial dosage of 20 g daily as a one dose together with the morning or perhaps evening meal, eventually adjusted to create one feces daily. A dose of 10 g daily might be sufficient for most patients.

Doasage amounts should be combined with food or perhaps liquid, and 1 to 2 portions of liquid should be drunk with all the meal.

Lactitol is a acceptable sweetener in foods....

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