Evaluating Mass media Credibility

 Evaluating Mass media Credibility Essay


Considering Media to get Credibility


February 2, 2014

Shellisa Multrie

Considering Media pertaining to Credibility

The 2 programs which i chose to review are Dateline and 60 Minutes. These two courses air concurrently on Weekend nights and are very similar inside the stories that they choose to atmosphere. They are rivaling networks rivalling for the interest of the community for the same 6 o'clock place. A lot of the testimonies that Dateline and 60 Minutes both surroundings are activities such as murder insider secrets that have not been solved, interviews with people in the general public eye, or public interest stories. The dateline history that I observed was titled " Inside the Dead of the Night”. In this story Dateline narrator Keith Morrison, is usually presenting specifics to a person who apparently committed committing suicide in Arizona. However , many of the details and " evidence” point to the father-in-law murdering him during nighttime. (Rob Fischer, 2014) The storyline that 60 Minutes aired was an interview with Jay Leno on him leaving The Tonight Show after 22 years. The interviewer Steve Kroft, requires Leno a lot of personal concerns about how come he's leaving the present, how he feels, and what his plans for the future are. (Leno, 2014) The two of these programs, although they are very similar, were somewhat easy to review. Because of the interviews conducted, it absolutely was a little easier to see that the interview with Jay Leno was a little more credible as it was merely interviewing him on lifestyle and his period with The Tonight Show. However , when watching the interview with suspected murderer Rob Fischer, of course there were plenty of biases leading the interview towards his guilt, even though he has not been found guilty yet. When looking at the credibility of quite a few sources it's easier to listen to " from the horse's mouth” so to say. Easily ask someone a simple question about their view and the final result doesn't matter, then their answer will be just that, basic. But if we are asking someone who has been...

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