Canterbury Tales Analysis Dissertation

 Canterbury Stories Analysis Article

A foil is a character that contrasts with another figure in order to focus on particular characteristics of the other personality. Chaucer uses a foil to get numerous personas in The Canterbury Tales. Even though a foil is mainly used to show crucial qualities inside the protagonist with the story, Chaucer employs it to the two bring his characters with each other and set them apart. Two characters that Chaucer analyzes and clashes using this approach are the Dark night and the Ocean Captain, or Skipper. This individual depicts them as related because of their careers, but ultimately proves those to be two completely different people when he identifies their behavior. Physically the two characters appear extremely several. The dark night is wearing a fustian tunic, " Stained and dark with smudges in which his armour had remaining mark” (Chaucer 5). Even though he is a distinguished man, he dresses humbly and give the physical appearance of selfishness. It is also apparent that this individual carries a blade, which could match his profession being a knight as they is able to battle. The Sea Captain's attire suits his job. He would wear a " Woollen wedding dress that [reaches] his knee” (Chaucer 15); he is tan and provides a large beard. He posesses dagger, suggesting that he knows how to fight and guard himself such as the Knight. Taking into consideration their careers, one can find a large number of similarities. They are very proficient at their jobs. The Sea Chief is referred to as having not any competition: " None coming from Hull to Carthage was his match” (Chaucer 16). He is knowledgeable and understands the oceans better than any kind of captain. He is known for his skill by commanding his ship, the Maudelayne. He frequently moves the sea. Similarly, the dark night is a traveler, except on land. He can an experienced jet fighter, as he has been around many challenges. He was present at the battle where Alexandria was ingested in 1365 by the King of Cyprus. " In 20 mortal battles he had been” (Chaucer 5). According to the examples of battles given in the text, the knight rarely loses a...

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